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9 August 2022 14:27


100 percent Turkish TV series Yargı will conquer a European country!

Kanal D’s successful series, Yargı (Judgment), which has been on the agenda every week with its breathtaking episodes since the day it started to be broadcast in Turkey, continues to open up to the world. The series, whose script was written by Sema Ergenekon, will soon be broadcast in a European country.

The Yargı series, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, draws attention as it is completely Turkish production. The Yargı, which made the audience addicted to itself with its stunning story, was opened to the world a short time ago. The successful series will now be broadcast in Greece.

The series, whose broadcast rights were previously purchased by HBO Max for broadcast in Latin America, was exhibited at international fairs by its international distributor, Madd Entertainment. The series was previously sold to Puerto Rico, the USA, Spain, Chile, MENA, Israel, Cyprus, Romania and Georgia. With this latest agreement, the Yargı series continues its expansion abroad.

Yargı, which has been on the agenda with every episode since the first day it was broadcast, draws attention both with its story and its acting. The series has received many awards so far. The series, which is very successful in the ratings, also manages to be on the agenda on social media every week.

In addition to the fluency of the script, the fact that it does not compromise on reality is among the most striking features of the Yargı series. The coexistence of both law, thriller and detective genres adds great activity to the series.

Anibal Güleroğlu, one of the Milliyet Blog writers, drew attention to the fact that the series is a production that deserves the success it has achieved with its story and cast, in her article about the Yargı. Anibal Güleroğlu thinks that it is very important that the series “Yargı” is appreciated abroad, as it represents the TV series production in Turkey beautifully.

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