Leave the number of tweets and look at the rating of Ada Masalı!
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29 March 2023 18:48


Leave the number of tweets and look at the rating of Ada Masalı!

Things are not going well in the Ada Masalı series, which continues to meet with the audience on Star TV screen… With the start of the second season of Masumlar Apartmanı series last night, both the Baht Oyunu and Ada Masalı series fell…

We know from the past seasons that the summer series had a hard time in the winter season and could not stay on the screen much. The rating results of the 13th episode aired last night for Ada Masalı series are not good at all.

Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan are in the lead roles of the series broadcast on Star TV. You can see some viewers’ criticisms of the script from the very beginning on social media. However, the series, which progressed for a while with the harmony of the leading role, began a period of decline with September.

The 13th episode aired last night pointed out that the series had weakened in the ratings. Finishing the day in 14th place in the All Persons category, Ada Masalı ranked 20th in the AB group and 17th in ABC1.

The continuation of this serious decline in Ada Masalı series in the coming weeks will mean that Star TV will face a decision.

However, when you look at the social media, the fans of the series are very active. Thousands of tweets are shared and one of the most talked about topics is Ada Masalı series.

However, despite this tweet explosion on social media, the decline in ratings did not go unnoticed. No matter how strong the social media interaction is, the real situation for Ada Masalı means that a troubled process has begun due to the drop in ratings.

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