Sultan Series | Theme – Actors – Trailers – Episodes – Video
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Sultan Series | Theme – Actors – Trailers – Episodes – Video

Sultan is a Turkish-made drama and comedy television series signed by Istanbul Mass Media, directed by Azime Kanal and Şengül Halat, and written by Yıldız Bayazıt and Seray Şahiner.

The series, in which important names such as Nurgül Yeşilçay, Şahin Irmak, Merve Altınkaya, Nur Sürer, Settar Tanrıöğen took the leading roles, is referred to as a very controversial production. The Sultan series managed to stay on the screen for only 20 episodes.

Channel: Kanal D
Producer: Istanbul Mass Media
Genre: Drama-Comedy
Release Date: 28 May- 29 October 2012
Venue: Diyarbakir- Istanbul
Duration: 110 minutes
Music: Cem Erman
Starring: Nurgül Yeşilçay, Şahin Irmak, Merve Altınkaya, Nur Sürer, Settar Tanrıöğen.
Cast: Seray Gözler, Orhan Güner, Esra Kızıldoğan, Hande Dane, Orhan Şimşek, Kadir Özdal, Burak Deniz, Haluk Cömert, Ebru Ojen Şahin, İbrahim İris, Hakan Karsak, Nazmi Kırık, Ferhat Yılmaz, Meriç Aral, Hüseyin Karataş, Burak Temiz .


Fragments, photos and various information were shared from the social media accounts of the series during the broadcast.

Official website:


After the first episode of the series “Sultan”, which was broadcast on Kanal D in 2012, received positive comments on social media, it also received negative criticism from various aspects. Mesut Yar, a post writer at that time, wrote that the series had a semi-tragic and semi-funny atmosphere, unlike other geographical series that took place in the “tribal-custom-executive triangle” that had been imposed on the screens for a long time.

Tayfun Atay from Radikal stated that the theme and story of the series are not original; He stated that the series takes place in Kurdish geography and that Kurdish can be spoken in certain parts of the series. While Atay was basing the series on the “women’s issue”, he also stated in the same article that it was a work with both “domestic orientalism” and “white” feminism.

Negative opinions were expressed about the Diyarbakir dialect spoken in the series. In his article, TV critic Yüksel Aytuğ stated that the locals of Diyarbakır in the virtual world were destroyed in this series, and that it was disrespectful. He himself wrote that he endorsed this view. Mesut Yar, on the other hand, stated that the fact that each actor speaks with a different dialect or accent causes the Diyarbakir dialect to be unable to be grasped.


The Sultan is shaped by the ‘remnant’ of a great love lived years ago. It is a warm human story that tells about a wounded love, pain, joy, all the emotions and situations of life, based on the multicultural texture of Diyarbakır, through the lives of two families living in the same geography for three generations. The great love of ‘Şeyhmus and Sultan’, whose names were dedicated from the same tomb; With the departure of one, it turns into an endless, indefinite wait for the other. Şeyhmus, the son of the Kendirs, is one of the two ‘archival rivals’ families living in this city; In the 90s, he had to go to France for political reasons. In this forced departure, he lost contact with those he left behind, and thought that he had established a new life for himself with another woman, despite his unexplored love, his bride Sultan, who stayed in the house of the Kendir family.

15 years later, the life he thought he was lost in; When the French becomes incomplete and flawed with the death of his wife, the past comes back with all its weight and demands an account. Day; is the day of reckoning. Years later, he returns to Diyarbakir with his son, François, with the only proof that he has not lived another life with him. Sultan, daughter of the other family, Ayvazoğulları; On the day she got married, she lost Şeyhmus, the man she had been waiting for at the house where she had been a bride for many years, who was taken from the wedding table as a result of a denunciation, fell in love with all the innocence of the age of 18. Sultan is part of the world of Şeyhmus, and Şeyhmus is the whole world of the Sultan. In this city where no saints were passed, the Sultan could not wish a child for herself even once. Maybe that’s why one day when Şeyhmus returned home but did not return to her; leaves the house. Her first stop is her father’s house, where she has been waiting for years to forgive her without sounding her grudges.

However, her father’s door is closed to her. Thinking that there is no place for herself in both families anymore, Sultan sets out to draw his own story, build her life and stand on her own feet for the first time. But it is not easy to make a life for a woman. When all the doors that she knows as home are closed in her face, Sultan’s path crosses with Pınar, whom she met that day and sent to a hotel without knowing that she would share her destiny. Together, they look for ways to survive in the hotel they took shelter in. Sultan decides to do what she knows best, to open a breakfast shop. This is how the fight begins…


Actors (Characters)

Nurgul Yesilcay (Sultan)

Sahin Irmak (Sheikhmus)

Settar Tanrıöğen (Saint)

Nur Sürer (Ayşe)

Seray Eyes (Karaca)

Orhan Guner (Zülküf)

Esra Kizildogan (Hatice)

Merve Altinkaya (Pinar)

Hande Dane (Tigris)

Orhan Şimşek-Kadir Özdal (Yılmaz)

Burak Deniz (Tariq)

Haluk Comert (Bekir)

Ebru Ojen Sahin (Melda)

Ibrahim Iris (Mehmet)

Hakan Karsak (Bilal)

Nazmi Kirik (Haydar)

Ferhat Yilmaz(Kibar)

Meric Aral (Diyar)

Huseyin Karatas (Kerim)

Burak Temiz (Francois)


The filming of the Sultan series was done in Diyarbakır. Many different venues in the city were used for the filming of the series. The series also received criticism that “Diyarbakır could not go beyond being a decor for the series”. In the series, the audience saw Hasanpaşa Inn, Yedi Kardeşler Bastion, Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı Museum and old Diyarbakır streets. After the first episodes, there was not much addition to Diyarbakır. The series went down in history as a non-Kurdish TV series shot in Diyarbakır. In the following episodes, the set of the series was moved to Istanbul.


The music of the Sultan series was made by Cem Erman. The generic music of the series was also liked by the audience.

Sultan Generic Music

Sultan TV Series Music/ Hüzün


The first trailer from the Sultan series was broadcast in May 2012 on Kanal D’s and the social media accounts of the series. The first images aroused curiosity in the audience.

First Introduction:


The Sultan series met with the audience on Kanal D screens on May 28, 2012. Although the series made an assertive entrance to the screens, it did not get the expected ratings and made the final with its 20th episode published on October 29, 2012.

You can watch all episodes of the Sultan series on Kanal D’s website.

Click to watch all episodes.


Impressive clips from the scenes of the Sultan series were also shared on social platforms during the years when the series was broadcast.

Clip / Artık Ben Aşka İnanmıyorum

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