Baba will be Show TV's most ambitious series in 2022!
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6 October 2022 13:53


Baba will be Show TV’s most ambitious series in 2022!

A new series will start on the Show TV screen at the beginning of 2022. The name of the production, which will be followed closely by all series fans, has been determined as Baba.

It turned out that the project, previously prepared by Show TV under the name of Bir Gece Ansızın, was changed to Baba. Tolga Sarıtaş will take the lead role and will appear in front of his fans on Show TV again after “Arıza”.

You will see Haluk Bilginer, who was selected as the ‘best actor’ in the Emmy with the master actor, Şahsiyet, in the lead role of the movie Baba. The story of Gökhan Horzum, the screenwriter of the series Çukur, which won great success for 4 seasons, also gives an impression of how deep and successful the project can be.

Expectations increased a lot when the first trailer of the new series called Baba was released. Haluk Bilginer’s strong voice and impressive acting show itself even in the trailer.

Tolga Sarıtaş fans are also waiting for the Baba series, which stands out as “Bir Anadolu Hikayesi”, with great excitement.

A story about the life of the Saruhanlı family will be told in the series, which bears the signature of Ay Yapım. The changing lives of the family, who are separated from each other after a plane crash, will be told with a very impressive scenario.

While Çağrı Bayrak was the director, some actors became clear.

Tolga Sarıtaş made the first statement for the series, which was stated to have been held with Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat, Beril Pozam, Taner Rumeli and Özge Özacar.

The actor said, “It was written that he had a family history. Since it is a large cast and a wide-ranging project, it is studied in detail. We are waiting for him. We will set out when the casting is complete,” he said.

As Tolga Sarıtaş conveys, Ay Yapım is working very meticulously for the project and great efforts are made to ensure that the casting choices are made in the most appropriate way for the characters.

The first trailer released both increased the excitement and increased the expectation even more.

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