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6 July 2022 12:34


Kerem Alışık’s son Sadri Alışık also talked about his relationship with his father in his first interview!..

Sadri Alışık, the grandson of the master artist Sadri Alışık, whom we know with Turist Ömer, one of the most important characters in the history of Turkish cinema, continues the family traditions.

Sadri Alışık, who is in the executive staff of Sadri Alışık Çolpan İlhan Theater, who has added new plays called Amadeus and Timsah Ateşi to major productions such as Frankenstein, Esaretin Bedeli, Guguk Kuşu this season, gave his first interview to İlker Gezici from Sabah Newspaper Günaydın supplement.

Sadri Alışık, the only son of Kerem Alışık and Sibel Turnagöl, followed in the footsteps of his family and fell in love with the theater. Sadri Alışık, for the scenes he is the manager of, said, “Since I come from an artistic family, I think about the financial side of the theater later. I feel more spiritual satisfaction than materialistic satisfaction,” he said.

Sadri Alışık, who made the statement, “We are like friends with my father,” said, “He is someone I learned a lot from and consulted on all subjects. After all, my father is the General Artistic Director of this place. He trusts me a lot. I am very lucky in that regard. I’m trying not to embarrass him.

Of course, since he came from the culture of my grandmother, who devoted his life to theater, I saw that my father also did his job with love. I do it with the same love.”

Sadri Alışık states that they make ambitious productions in the theater and that he does not see the need to be modest in this regard. “We do ambitious works like The Cuckoo, Frankenstein, The Price of Bondage, Amadeus.

We came from small halls to these huge halls. At this point, there is great effort and suffering. We have attained mercy by taking this trouble. We continue to work by producing,” he said.

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