3rd season in 'The Oath'!
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27 November 2022 07:42


3rd season in ‘The Oath’!

On Monday, September 17th, the fans of ‘The Oath’ will sit on the screen.

‘The Oath’, which has a spectacular performance on 2 seasons, will also have great interest in its new season.

3 new names were introduced to the top of the tv series.

DenizBaysal, EceCeşmioğlu and SarpAkkaya became new players.

We will follow the great story of the Yavuz character on the 3rd.

He is no longer a Tim commander. YavuzKarasu will be an intelligence agent like his father …

The third season of the lexicon is both anticipated with new directions and the direction of the story.

The sequence will start with episode 51, episode 3.

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