6 important actors joined the cast of the series Baba!
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4 February 2023 18:44


6 important actors joined the cast of the series Baba!

Everyone is talking about Show TV’s new series, Baba… The first trailer of the series, starring Tolga Sarıtaş and Haluk Bilginer, created excitement. It is stated that the project, where two important names meet, will soon meet with the audience.

Ay Yapım is the producer of the series, which started shooting. When the screenwriter, Gökhan Horzum and Ekin Atalar, who wrote Çukur, became a couple, the interest in the series increased even more. A large group of viewers, who think that a very good project is waiting for them, and who have a high admiration for Tolga Sarıtaş, are eagerly waiting for the series Baba.

Important names began to join the cast of the series. According to the first information, 6 actors who will take place in the series became clear… It was learned that these names are Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat, Taner Rumeli, Özge Özaacar, Beril Pozam, Damlasu İkizoğlu and Nihan Okutucu.

It was also noteworthy that the series, which has already started to be talked about with both its story and its cast, was presented with the slogan “Bir Anadolu Hikayesi”.

Standing out as the most successful series of the season, the Gönül Dağı series on TRT1 achieved great success as an Anatolian story.

Expressing the slogan of the TV series Baba as “Bir Anadolu Hikayesi” seems to be a reflection of the value that the audience has given to Anatolian stories recently.

Work continues for the large cast of the TV series Baba, in which the details of the Saruhan family’s story in Anatolia will be told.

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