A big change in the series The Ambassador's Daughter!
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7 December 2022 17:25


A big change in the series The Ambassador’s Daughter!

It was time for a blood change in the TV series The Ambassador’s Daughter (Sefirin Kızı), which was meeting with the audience on Star TV screens on Monday evenings. The story started to struggle in the second season. Sometimes the ratings are good, sometimes they drop a little, but let’s say that it is not in a bad position for the season.

One of the productions that left a mark on the screen with the high energy and strong partnership of Engin Akyürek and Neslihan Atagül… However, a dangerous period will begin for the series. As of 2021, ATV’s Maraşlı series is planned to participate in the competition. It is also considered certain that the TV series Maraşlı will be broadcast on Monday evenings.

In the present case; Awakening Great Seljuk, The Pit and Forbidden Fruit series have high performance and The Ambassador’s Daughter is the 4th most watched series of the day. In other words, if there is no serious change in the script and the viewers do not hug the series even stronger, there may be a loss of rating with Maraşlı.

The 34th episode of The Ambassador’s Daughter will be on screen on the evening of December 28th. In other words, the series, which will close the year 2020 with this episode, is expected to experience changes in the story in 2021.

Because the script team is changing. Eylem Canpolat and Ozan Aksungur are expected to handle the script in a different way, further strengthening the story of the series and experiencing significant changes.

This is a strong expectation and a production that can be overcome by both master names… As a result, will the release of The Ambassador’s Daughter series to the screen in 2021 with a very different story line will increase the ratings of the series, which is another highly anticipated detail.

Eylem Canpolat; He was one of the names who wrote the screenplays of many TV series such as the My Home My Destiny, Zümrüdüanka, Gülperi, Price Of Passion, Black Money Love, Karadayı, Love Is In The Air, Day Dreaming, Sıla.

There are many TV series in Ozan Aksungur’s portfolio; Arıza, The Pit, Brave Heart (Cesur Yürek), Queen of the Night, Reaction, I Loved Him So Much, Valley of the Wolves Ambush are some of them.

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