A big lottery hit Seray Kaya after the Woman series!
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30 March 2023 10:18


A big lottery hit Seray Kaya after the Woman series!

Seray Kaya, who gained great popularity with the character of Şirin in the Woman series, started her new project after resting for a while. The actress, who takes part in The Ottoman with Lena character on the ATV screen, enjoys a very different atmosphere… It is a great chance for the actress to live in the series. She is experiencing a situation as if she had hit the lottery …

Saying that she is trying to get used to this environment of the series, Seray Kaya never ends her excitement not only with her acting performance on the set but also with her experiences during the preparation phase.

One of the most important gains of taking part in a production like The Ottoman is to gain new experiences… The famous actress also receives various training on horse riding and action scenes.

Seray Kaya is very satisfied with the environment she is in. “The preparation stages are very exciting. We go to the farm, we learn horse riding, we have action lessons. Apart from that, being in this atmosphere and living here gives a different excitement ”and he said that he was very pleased with his new series.

The actress, who has had different experiences, also explained that she learned a lot. Seray Kaya summarizes this situation by saying “It is very valuable, very precious thing”.

The Lena character will be a completely different woman in Kayı. The player said, “We are coming with a completely different establishment, Osman. So we’re thumping, excited. He said, “They should be excited.”

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