Series News A big surprise in [A Little Murder]

A big surprise in [A Little Murder]


[A Little Murder] series latest news …

The audience was a surprise waiting for the new episode of the series, which was broadcast in the evening we passed.

HayalKoseoğlu, this time in the past few weeks on digital music platforms, the song was published with the song YalanDolan…

While the young talent got his full score from music lovers with her first single work, the fans of the directory kept HayalKoseoglu and her song YalanDolan in the social media.

HayalKoseoglu’s fans showed great interest and YalanDolan quickly listened to thousands of times on digital platforms.

The first clip of HayalKoseoglu’s black-and-white images prepared in the context of pole dance choreography was presented to music lovers in the past days.


The scene in the series: