Artists News A compliment to Miray Daner came from Birce Akalay!

A compliment to Miray Daner came from Birce Akalay!


Famous actress Birce Akalay took the lead role in the Netflix series Kuş Uçuşu in 2020. Miray Daner was one of the teammates of the successful actress who met with her former co-star İbrahim Çelikkol in this project.

Birce Akalay got close to Miray Daner, with whom she had a very good dialogue on the set, and a bond formed between them. Akalay, who also praised Miray Daner on social media, faced questions about this issue.

Birce Akalay, who stated that she liked Miray Daner very much, supported the young actress by saying “We love her”.

Birce Akalay commented under Miray Daner’s video posted on her Instagram account the other day and wrote the following message: ‘A beautiful hackberry! For me, the Matilda of this geography is a scumbag of talent, a mermaid whose path is open by rivers… may your next year make the last one jealous..’

Stating that there are other people she likes in the industry, the actress also announced that they broke up with her boyfriend, architect Erdem Hamza.