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4 July 2022 02:50


A confession from Burcu Özberk, who won an award with Aşk Mantık İntikam!

Social media is the biggest communication platform today. Famous actors also come together with their fans through their social media accounts.

Burcu Özberk is also one of the celebrities who use her Instagram account heavily. Playing the character of Esra in the TV series Aşk Mantık İntikam, the actress received the “Romantic Comedy Actress of the Year” award from the Magazine Journalists Association. The actress, who was awarded by the association for the second time, is very pleased with this situation.

Stating that her drama went very well and she was loved by the audience, the actress said, “Of course, being rewarded for my work is something that makes me proud and happy. That’s why I’m very happy. Our work is very good, it’s going really well, it’s very appreciated,” she explained.

Burcu Özberk made an important confession while she was talking about the outfit she wore on the set and among her fans. Many famous names say that they follow the messages and comments from their fans on social media. However, Burcu Özberk revealed her own truth on this matter.

After the actress said, “I follow my friends’ messages,” she was asked about her fans’ messages. The actress admitted that she was actually not at all interested in messages from her fans, saying, “I can’t look at them, I’d be lying if I said I was following them.”

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