A great opportunity has passed into the hands of the series Annemizi Saklarken
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29 March 2023 19:37


A great opportunity has passed into the hands of the series Annemizi Saklarken

Star’s TV series “Annemizi Saklarken”, which is watched with interest, meets the audience on Wednesday with its new episode. In the series, starring Kutsi and Hande Doğandemir, the changing life of Handan, who has her first baby in her arms when she is still a child, is told after meeting Dündar and his family.

It is expected that the rise in ratings, which the series achieved last week, while there was no new episode of the series, will continue this week as well. If the ratings of the series rise above the average, it will be very promising for the future. However, if the series still achieves a low rate in the ratings in an environment where there are no new episodes of any rival series, this will mean that Star TV has to make a decision.

Barış Yöş sits in the director’s chair of “Annemizi Saklarken”, produced by Ojo Pictures. Sırma Yanık writes the story and scenario of the series. Kutsi’s ‘Dündar’ and Hande Doğandemir’s ‘Handan’ character, ‘Annemizi Saklarken’, will lock everyone on the screen.

So, what awaits the viewers in the sixth new episode of the TV series… Here are all the details: The marriage of Dündar and Handan is on the agenda of the tabloids, which means the end of the road for our dreamy mother. How to hide such a lie further? Especially when Bora’s pressures are on their heads. But now there is another secret that ties Handan’s hands.

A pregnant woman from Dundar! Naturally, everyone thinks this is Handan. Learning who Dundar is really in a relationship with means Handan is in danger of coming face to face with a new enemy. However, when the family thinks she is pregnant, Dündar’s children’s hostility towards Handan takes them to a new level.

There is no peace on the horizon for newlyweds who think that with the forty mawlids of Zerrin, their path will be cleared. Selin is gradually turning into her father. Derya is now determined to break away from Bora. Ela is on the trail to figure out what her mother is hiding. Every step of the young people carries Handan towards a final night when her deception will be revealed.

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