Series News ‘A Little Murder’ can make the opposite corner!

‘A Little Murder’ can make the opposite corner!


On Star TV, the event began to gain momentum as the seasonal finale of the ‘A Little Murder’ series came in on Tuesday evenings.

In the 30th episode that will be on screen this evening on the evening of May 22nd, heads will be mixed up with regards to the killer and the victim!

It turns out everyone is a potential killer in promoting the new episode of the series! There can be multiple murderers and victims in Sarmaşık full of people trying to kill each other!

In addition to Arzu, Pelin, Merve, Burcu and Oya, there is also a development that will confuse Elif. In this scene, which gives birth to the “Sacrifice Elif?” Question, Elif speaks with Merve and goes to Serhan and tells everything! The story that Elif is reincorporating strengthens the possibility that she will kill her.

What Pelin says to Oya also leads to the possibility of a planned murder. Arzu, who made an unexpected departure, is also a potential killer now!

The inspector’s description of the victim’s skull cracking, “Must be a strong person”, points to the Burcu, who sports and has strong muscles.

The trailer ends with the words of Edip who tells the story, “The way to hide something is to do it in everyone” is a sign that the new episode will become pregnant with bigger developments.

We do not yet know whether the killer or the victim will emerge after the developments to be experienced in the last 3 episodes of the last episode of the season finale for a short time, but the excitement for the new episode is quite clear.

In the social media, the followers of the series give the signs that the head is mixed with the newly released trailer. Smaller homicides make it harder to predict by putting everyone in the position of murderer or victim. This raises the excitement.

In this case the following question arises: “One of these is a murderer, one of them is a victim. There can even be multiple killers and victims! But which one? “In fact, it is necessary to look at the situation. Even the screenwriter is trying to make things confusing. But when one of the people he pointed out becomes a killer, it will not be a big surprise. This person will be one of whom we already suspect.

Actually, the writer MeriçAcemi is surprised at the target! So, by keeping our focus on these people, does the real killer keep away? Or, in other words, is it a murderer who does not even have a doubt and does not even have a mind, in fact doing the opposite corner? Is this the name of the real surprise?

Of course, the situation is that at the end of the season, the emergence of the killer or the victim, how to change the fate of the knee? If the killer emerges, what will we watch next?

Probably not the only murder committed at Sarmaşık or the murderer will not appear at this moment. So, this season, one of the killer in the queue, one of the two people will be separated, a new surgeon will follow a new killer and the victim! We will see and see …