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5 July 2022 12:12


A new series is coming from Elçin Sangu, the business is solid behind Medyapım!

Famous actress Elçin Sangu experienced difficulties due to the projects she took part in after she made a big debut in the TV series Kiralık Aşk. Sangu, whose digital TV series Yaşamayanlar was highly criticized, received criticism from her fans for her performance in the TV series Çarpışma, which fell short of expectations. Last season, the actress returned to the screen with the romantic comedy series İyi Günde Kötü Günde, but this series only lasted 6 episodes.

Elçin Sangu, who was also talked about with the movie Leyla 9 times, had been silent about TV series for a while. However, an interview with the actress made her fans very happy. Meeting with Fatih Aksoy, owner of Medyapım, one of Turkey’s most famous producers, Elçin Sangu did not hide that it was a new project.

Explaining that there is no clarity about the project yet by saying “We just talked”, the actress emphasized that they talked and they will continue to meet. Elçin Sangu, who also announced that she is in talks for a new TV series project, seems to be in front of her fans with a surprise soon.

TV or digital series? This question has been a question that many famous names have faced recently. Elçin Sangu said that she is not very interested in the ratings, she is more interested in the freedom dimension.

The actress also left the door open for television series, saying, “If we think from the perspective of freedom, internet platforms seem more attractive because they are more free, but Fatih Bey is also liberal in these matters, so he can be.”

Elçin Sangu, who is also on trial with her former manager Başar Okay, said that he has been dealing with this issue for 6 years. The actress also said that he is very confident and knows what he is doing. Sangu confirmed that he is not in a situation to take a vacation this year and that the new TV series project will start in the summer.

Elçin Sangu said, “It’s fine, I love working. “I like to work more than vacation,” he said. Explaining that he has not been able to do much work during the pandemic process for the last 1.5 years, the actress added that he aims to work, not to take a vacation.

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