A new series offer to Melis İşiten, who returns to the screen with Maraşlı!
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30 March 2023 05:43


A new series offer to Melis İşiten, who returns to the screen with Maraşlı!

Famous actress Melis İşiten did not appear in the series for a while. Melis İşiten, who most recently gave life to the character of Dilşad Türel in the ATV series Maraşlı, appeared before her fans again with this production.

Returning to the sets after a 3-year hiatus, the actress receives new offers after the Maraşlı TV series. It is not known whether Melis İşiten will take part in the series again, but a good offer was also reflected in the backstage.

It was revealed that meetings were held with Melis İşiten in the new series called Şahmeran prepared for Netflix. For the male lead in the serial called Şahmeran, which is named after Serenay Sarıkaya, news from Burak Deniz is expected.

Umur Turagay will sit in the director’s chair for the shootings that will start in September in Adana. After Mert Ramazan Demir, it was revealed that Mustafa Uğurlu also participated in the series.

Negotiations with Melis İşiten continue and the fans are eagerly waiting for what the actress will decide. The famous actress also attracted a lot of attention with her latest post on her social media account. Having difficulty in answering the questions of her daughter Ada after the forest fires, the actress made her think with the following message:

“I can’t talk about bad things. I can’t talk about bad people. My heart breaks when I think of evil, even thinking that someone has done evil to us crushes my heart. For the first time, I mentioned the word bad to Ada. Why can’t we save the animals from the fire, mom? When he asked, I couldn’t stand it and I said to her that there are bad people in this life. but then i added it. I said we’re fine, we’ll make it better. I said we will reforest, my daughter, I added that we will hug those who have lost their home. We will be the voice of those who fight with the flames there until their voice is lost. I said we will do whatever we can, we will not find our best enough and we will look for new ways to be good, we will find, we will stay good, we will be good people.”

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