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16 May 2022 18:57


A new series that will bring international popularity to Sahra Şaş, shining with Bizim Hikaye and Kadın’s TV series!

Sahra Şaş, who was born in Istanbul in 1994, became one of the remarkable female actors with her performances in the projects she took part in. The actress, whom we have been seeing on the sets since 2013, has 3 prominent projects.

The actress, who played the character of Çiçek in the TV series Bizim Hikaye (Our Story), played the character of Berşan in the TV series Kadın (Woman), which attracted great attention in many countries of the world. The actress, who appeared in various projects after these two productions, was also appreciated with the character of Zeyno in the TV series Alev Alev (Fire Fire) last season.

Sahra Şaş found opportunities in effective projects at a young age and attracted the attention of the producers thanks to her talents. Now the actress has a strong role in the Atatürk TV series…

The series, which was prepared for Disney Plus and will be broadcast in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey, is expected to be a very effective project.

Aras Bulut İynemli, Songül Öden, Emma Watson and Mehmet Günsür will come together in the Atatürk series, and Sahra Şaş will portray the character of Makbule lady. With the role of Atatürk’s sister Makbule Atadan, the young actress will also have the opportunity to gain popularity in the international arena.

Sahra Şaş, who started to be known abroad with Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) and Kadın’s (Women( TV series, also has the opportunity to make a big debut with the Atatürk TV series. Fans who are waiting for a new project from the actress, who recently appeared in the first and last series with Ex Aşkım, will also be extremely pleased with this development.

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