A photo of actress Beren Saat as a slap in response to her rumors with her mother-in-law!..
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5 October 2022 15:21


A photo of actress Beren Saat as a slap in response to her rumors with her mother-in-law!..

Famous Actress Beren Saat once again attracted attention with a post she made on social media. Although not very often, Beren Saat uses social media, which she tries to keep her distance from, from time to time to reveal her attitude and reaction on social issues and sometimes to share about her business life.

The actress sometimes shares remarkable posts with her husband Kenan Doğulu and her friends. The last post of the famous actress on her Instagram account will be talked about a lot.

The actress celebrated the birthday of her mother-in-law, Serpil Doğulu, with the photo below, which she shared on social media. This sharing of the actress, who shares a candid pose with her mother-in-law, is also a kind of response to the rumors of “difference with her mother-in-law” in the tabloid press.

Famous actress Beren Saat and Kenan Doğulu got married in 2014 in a dream wedding on the beach of Malibu in Los Angeles. Their surprise marriage was talked about for days in the tabloids and their photos are still in the memories. For two years, dark clouds began to circulate over the happy union of the duo.

The actress had a difficult time in her relationship with her wife Kenan Doğulu in this process and came to the stage of separation. However, she also told in an interview that they understood each other better and decided to continue their relationship after spending long time at home together during the pandemic period.

At that time, there were news in the magazine press that Beren Saat had a quarrel with her mother-in-law, Serpil Doğulu.

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