A pleasing new development from Caner Özyurtlu's Ayak İşleri and Giray Altınok's Prens TV series!
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2 December 2022 18:37


A pleasing new development from Caner Özyurtlu’s Ayak İşleri and Giray Altınok’s Prens TV series!

The first season of the series Ayak İşleri, which was broadcast on the Gain platform, attracted attention. The second season date of the series, which bears the signature of Caner Özyurtlu, has also become clear. Caner Özyurtlu, who was a guest on the Day Şov program, announced that the second season of Ayak İşleri will begin on February 24.

Caner Özyurtlu, who is also the producer of Dayı Şov was in the guest seat this time in honor of the second season of Ayak İşleri to be broadcast. Giray Altınok, the other guest of the program, also talked about his 8-episode series called Prens.

The popular actor Giray Altınok said that the 8-episode series shot for “Prens”, one of the most loved characters he created on social media, has been completed and will be on the air very soon.

While the release date of the 2nd season of the Ayak İşleri series, directed by Caner Özyurtlu and written by Volkan Öge, was announced, its trailer was also shared for the first time.

Speaking about the series, Özyurtlu said that a job that surprised him as well.

Talking about a message he had read on Twitter before, Özyürtlu said, “I read a tweet for the previous Footwork: ‘The script, the director, the acting, everything is perfect. Well done Volkan Öge!’ Maybe because I haven’t done anything well before. It was a job that surprised me as well,” he said.

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