A sad message to his fans from Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, who took a break from the TV series after Çukur!
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4 February 2023 12:10


A sad message to his fans from Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, who took a break from the TV series after Çukur!

Cansu Tosun created an underwear brand and her husband Erkan Kolçak Köstendil supported her by directing the commercial. This new step of the couple also started a period in which they will have a very different experience in trading.

Cansu Tosun set out with the idea that this idea was born out of needs and that citizens could reach them by designing products that she could not find. Tosun said, “Actually, this idea was born out of necessity. I couldn’t find many unsupported and bikini-looking. It could not be found in Turkey except for one or two very good brands. That’s why I thought why not do it and started designing.

Expressing that her husband Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, who shot the commercial for her brand, is a very disciplined and good director, Cansu Tosun stated that they had a lot of fun on the set. Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, who directed a commercial for the first time, underlined that his wife worked “like crazy” for the dream she had for a long time. The actor said, “She provided all the possibilities for me to shoot something good. It was the first commercial shoot I directed, and it gave me such an opportunity.”

Erkan Kolçak Köstendil emphasized that he gave some ideas about designs, but these were crazy ideas. Cansu Tosun expressed that she would implement these ideas and thanked her husband for her support.

Notable for being the director of the new movie starring Bülent Şakrak, the actor said, “This year has been like the year of director for me. There are preparations for a movie. Hopefully we’ll be on its set in August. Its has a solid staff, I hope it will be good,” he said.

Expressing that it is difficult to be a director, the actor smiled and said: “I am waiting for the days when I will return to acting. A little more relaxed acting.”

Fans are eagerly awaiting whether the actor, who has been on the screen for 4 seasons with the character of Vartolu Sadettin in the Çukur (The Pit) series, will return to the series.

The actor said, “I don’t know if we will catch the season, but you will have a chance to watch it digitally. We worked with them last year, you know, they go on the air a year later. That’s why you will start watching me as an actor this year.”

Born in Bursa in 1983, the actor most recently played the character of Necati in the movie Bandırma Missile Club. Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, who did not give good news about returning to the series sets, will apparently be on the agenda with different works for a while.

The fans of the actor, on the other hand, do not neglect to send messages to the actor on social media with comments stating that they would like to see him in new television series.

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