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5 July 2022 19:03


A series made finale on TRT1, a new one starts right away!

Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru, which started last season and continues this season, made its finale on TRT1 screens… The ending of the series, whose 24th episode aired on Friday evening, especially upset Serkan Çayoğlu fans…

In addition to Serkan Çayoğlu in the lead roles in the series, which reflects the great persecution and liberation struggle of the Turkish Cypriot people; Important names such as Ahmet Kural, Pelin Karahan, Gülper Özdemir and Devrim Saltoğlu met. This struggle, which lasted for 24 episodes, was completed with the Cyprus Peace Operation scenes in July 1974.

It was also revealed on the TRT1 screen that Friday evenings would not be empty. The broadcast day announcement was made for the new series called Aşkın Yolculuğu, Hacı Bayram-ı Veli, which has been shooting for a while. In the announcement made by TRT1, it was announced that the series will start with the first episode on Friday, February 11 at 20:00.

For a long time, the TV series team continued to work on the special plateau established in Istanbul. On this plateau, decorations were prepared in accordance with the old periods of the cities of Ankara, Bursa and Adana. The cast of the 26-episode series was also composed of very influential names.

The first episode of the series, which includes actors such as Burak Sevinç, Sena Çakır, Hüseyin Soysalan, Sinan Albayrak, Fırat Topkorur and Latif Koru, is eagerly awaited.

The script of the series, which took 7 months to shoot, was written by İsa Yıldız, and the director was Kamil Aydın and Yücel Hüdaverdi. In the series, which tells about the way from Molla Numan to Hacı Bayram and his mystical motto “Bildim, Buldum, Oldum”, the series will meet with the audience in three chapters through the life of Hacı Bayram-ı Veli.

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