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29 May 2022 05:53


A small but very interesting detail in the two TV series of Akın Akınözü did not go unnoticed by the audience!

Akın Akınözü is one of the most successful actors of the last period. The handsome actor, who is still on the screen with the TV series Kaderimin Oyunu (The Game of my Destiny), which is broadcast on Star TV, is also appreciated for his stance in his private life. Akın Akınözü’s fans were so attentive that they did not miss a small but important detail in his two dramas.

Akın Akınözü, who made the biggest debut of his career with the Hercai series broadcast on ATV, is now appearing in front of his fans with the series titled “Kaderimin Oyunu”, which is broadcast on Star TV. The successful actor shares the lead role with Öykü Karayel in this series.

The character of Cemal, played by Akın Akınözü in The Kaderimin Oyunu, put on an apron for the woman he loved in the last episode, entered the kitchen and cooked.

This extremely enjoyable scene was also enjoyed by the audience. However, a very interesting detail did not escape the eye of a viewer.

What did not escape the attention of the audience in this scene was the apron worn by Akın Akınözü. Because Akın Akınözü wore the same apron in a similar scene in the previous series, Hercai. The attentive viewer shared this detail with the following post he made on his social media account: “This much is not a coincidence, in any case, the same apron in Hercai.”

Frankly, this attention of the audience surprised everyone, including us.

Kaderimin Oyunu, which comes to the screen on Star TV on Friday nights, is actually not very successful in the ratings. The series is getting average results each week. However, thanks to Akın Akınözü, the interest in the series abroad is huge. This ensures the continuation of the series.

Those who watch the series, which have below-average ratings, do not have any worries. Because the decision has already been made for the series and it will continue in the second season. There is currently no possibility of making a final for the series Kaderimin Oyunu, 13 episodes of which were sold for millions of dollars. Publisher Star TV recently announced that the series Kaderimin Oyunu has been sold to more than 10 countries. Especially Middle Eastern and Latin American countries take the lead.

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