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4 July 2022 09:27


A statement about Barış Arduç from the producer of Alparslan Great Seljuk came!

Recently, due to the tweet retweeted by the actress Ezgi Çelik, who joined the cast of the Alparslan Great Seljuk TV series broadcast on TRT1, it was on the agenda that she was excluded from the cast even before she went on the set.

In the same series, it was claimed that there was a tweet crisis before. In the news, it was claimed that a tweet shared by the actor in the past was a problem between the producer company and Barış Arduç, the lead actor of the series.

Allegedly, the producer asked Barış Arduç to delete the tweet. However, the handsome actor did not accept this request. Upon these allegations, a statement was made from the social media account of Akli Film, the producer company of the Alparslan Great Seljuk TV series.

In the text that was shared, it was stated that the news about Barış Arduç’s Twitter posting caused discomfort and he was asked to delete this message, but he refused this request. In addition, the following expressions were used:

“Our team and our valuable players continue their preparations for the new season with enthusiasm and are getting ready to meet with the audience again. We ask our viewers not to rely on such news.”

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