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12 August 2022 11:57


A super series is coming! The latest developments for Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar are promising!

Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar series (meaning: Women Who Contaminated Black), which was talked about a lot last month but for which clear information has not been revealed yet, was an exciting project. Medyapım bought the copyrights for Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar, one of Büşra Cebe’s widely read novels.

Medyapım, whose projects continue on television with the TV series Yasak Elma and Sadakatsiz, had the misfortune of saying goodbye to some productions in a short time. The TV series of the agency, which is owned by Fatih Aksoy, called “Misafir and Yalancılar ve Mumları” did not last long.

Television critic Sina Koloğlu informed that the work continues for the new series, which is being adapted from the novel in which the shocking story of 7 different women is told. Some allegations were made last month that Beren Saat, Tuba Büyüküstün and Cansu Dere were among the names interviewed for the series. However, there was no clear result after these allegations.

Sina Koloğlu wrote: “Let me tell you, it’s a near-conclusive information. Büşra Cebe’s bestselling book ‘Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar’. The story of seven women. It is considered as a series on one of the digital platforms coming to our country. No deal has been made yet. One of the production companies that broadcast plenty of TV series on the screen took the copyrights.”

There is no contracted actor yet for the series, which will tell the shocking stories of women named Canan, Süveyda, Derya, Seyhan, Nehir, Ayfer and Serpil. However, there is a meticulous preparation process and the latest information that negotiations with Disney Plus are continuing…

There is an excited wait for the series, and many series fans are already sure that Medyapım will set up a very ambitious cast.

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