A surprise is coming from Hande Erçel! Posted on social media…
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9 February 2023 15:20


A surprise is coming from Hande Erçel! Posted on social media…

Young Actress Hande Erçel is currently living the brightest days of her career. The actress did not fall off the agenda for a long time with Fox TV’s Sen Çal Kapımı series, in which she recently acted. Erçel, who started to fall in love with Kerem Bürsin, who played the leading role in the series, is having happy days in both her business and private life.

It is also known by those who follow Hande Erçel’s social media accounts that she has increased the number of her fans both domestically and abroad with the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı.

Erçel, who broke a world record on Instagram, has more followers than many foreign actors and actresses! The actress, who currently has 25.8 million followers, is rapidly running towards 26 million!

With the broadcast of Erçel’s series in many countries abroad, her fame has exceeded the borders of the country. Recently, the actress was given the ‘Best Global Actress of the Year’ award at the Global Nubia Awards.

The actress, who is followed curiously by her fans, makes her followers happy with her social media shares, although she is not on the screen with the series at the moment.

There is no information about a new series project yet, but fans are eagerly waiting for the good news to come. By the way, Hande Erçel’s latest post made the hearts of her fans jump!

However, the actress did not give a secret and shared the following pose with the words “Very excited”, which also increased her curiosity. Hande Erçel is making a voiceover based on the earphones in her ear and the room she is in. She may be singing, too… The guesses are that way, but let’s see what comes next. Here is Ercel’s exciting pose…

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