Series News A very exciting scenario fell to Özge Özacar’s fortune again!

A very exciting scenario fell to Özge Özacar’s fortune again!


Famous actress Özge Özacar is the leading actress of the entertaining TV series Kısmet (Fortune), which continues to meet with the audience on Fox TV.

Özge Özacar, who had the opportunity to become partners again with Cem Gelinoğlu after the movie Bursa Bülbülü, thinks it is a special opportunity to work with him because she added a lot to him.

The young actress was also very impressed by the fact that an experienced screenwriter like Mahinur Ergun wrote the story of the TV series Kısmet. Özacar, who had a good performance in the drama called Kefaret (Redemption), previously written by the same screenwriter, now enjoys re-enacting the scenes written by the same scriptwriter in the romantic comedy story.

The famous actress said, “I believe that I should get what I need to get, not like insisting on life, and that all my fortunes will match in submission and flow. In this story, we are together with Mahinur Ergun. We had created a story together before, it was my destiny to work together. Now that I’m here, I felt the same thing again because we were lucky together. I believe very much that there is a divine flow of fortune in terms of business,” she said.

Özge Özacar, who gave an impressive performance with the character of Melike in the series Kısmet, added that she and her partner Cem Gelinoğlu created a very good environment on the set and learned a lot from him.