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3 July 2022 15:09


A very pleasing new development from the final Mucize Doktor series!

The Mucize Doktor series met with the audience on Fox TV for two seasons. It said goodbye to the screen with the 65th episode of the series starring Taner Ölmez, which made the fans very sad.

Sinem Ünsal explained the reason behind this important farewell decision as leaving her at the summit. The Mucize Doktor story in Turkey has come to an end. But the series has already started to affect abroad…

The ” Mucize Doktor” series, produced by MF Production and distributed by Madd Entertainment, starring Taner Ölmez, Onur Tuna and Sinem Ünsal and attracting attention with its successful cast, will be broadcast on Telefe channel in Argentina on Thursday, June 3rd. , leaving behind the Argentina-Chile national match to the top.

The series, which made its finale in Turkey in the past weeks, achieved a great success by receiving 15.53 ratings on Telefe, Argentina’s most watched private television channel. “Mucize Doktor, published under the name “Dr Milagro”, is running from record to record in Argentina, with a rating of 18-19 on Thursdays.

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