A very surprising move from Keremcem! He said that he took a break from the series, it was a big surprise!
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29 September 2022 00:28


A very surprising move from Keremcem! He said that he took a break from the series, it was a big surprise!

Keremcem is a name that is admired not only for his voice and music, but also for his acting. After taking roles in TV series in a row in recent years, Keremcem took a break from the series after the Covid 19 epidemic intervened.

The actor, who did not work during the pandemic period, continued to be interested in music during this time. The actor, who was separated from his great passion for music for a long time due to shooting series, has not been on the screen for about 3 years. Keremcem, who recently starred in ATV’s Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows) series, upset his fans a little with a statement he made in the past days.

It was learned that while the actor answered the question of whether he was considering taking a role in TV series, he had focused on music studies recently, and turned down the offers. Keremcem’s sudden change of decision both surprised and pleased him…

The reason why Keremcem, who was learned to be included in the cast of the Gül Masalı (Rose Tale) series, which came to the screen on ATV, accepted this series was a matter of curiosity! It seems that the character that allows the player to break the screen fast is a surprise character for the series and for himself!

Keremcem will give life to the character of “Adnan Fuat Demirci” in the series, in which Erdem Kaynarca and Gülper Özdemir took the lead roles and were shot in Isparta.

After a long break, it is understood that there is a character that affects the actor under his acceptance of the role in this series. Keremcem, who is expected to make the audience have a reverse corner, poses on social media with the image of his character in the series, “Shall we get some longing? Let me introduce you to Adnan Fuat Demirci.”

Keremcem, who has been acting since 2005, left the series when the pandemic intervened. The actor, who only took part in a digital series called Yetiş Zeynep, did not think much of taking a role in the series until this process passed. This sudden decision was therefore extremely surprising for everyone…

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