Artists News Actress Tuvana Türkay revealed her impressive beauty with special poses!

Actress Tuvana Türkay revealed her impressive beauty with special poses!


Famous actress Tuvana Türkay is among the actresses who have made significant career gains recently. The actress, whom her fans found talented and praised for her beauty, both posed in special poses and made statements.

With the concept of “Minimalist Elegance”, the beautiful actress Tuvana Türkay was on the cover of the April issue of Gardırop Magazine.

The beautiful actress, who currently plays the character of Victoria in the TV series “Selahaddin Eyyubi, the Conqueror of Jerusalem”, sincerely answered all the questions about her career journey, her life and love.

Here is information about Tuvana Türkay’s private life, which is among her statements and will help you get to know her better:

“I am in the most calm, accepted, serene period of my life and my priority is on myself. I hugged myself tightly. I sit myself down like a child and ask. I am listening. What’s missing, what would you like? What make you happy and what make you unhappy? I work, I constantly produce something. “I am currently making good films one after another while the series continues.”

Tuvana Türkay answered the question about love in the interview with the following words:

“I read a saying. A person in love deceives himself first, then others, and people call it romance. Love is just trust, care, being understood and wanting to understand someone. It’s not about wanting to hear someone, it’s about wanting to listen. It means wanting to walk the same path with someone whose smile makes you happy and with whom you feel at peace.”

The beautiful actress answers the question of what is her biggest inspiration in life and what motivates her; “Music, my loved ones, dreaming and my dogs,” she replied.