AfraSaraçoğlu does not care about fame
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27 November 2022 08:08


AfraSaraçoğlu does not care about fame

‘Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters’, who plays the role of AfraSaracoglu in the street warned!

AfraSaracoglu said that she did not change her reputation.

Actress talked about messages from people on the street about the knee.

AfraSaracoglu spoke to Lady Magazine.

“How does it feel to be fame? What has changed in your life? It did not change much. I’m still the same Afra. I’m also the one I’m most fond of, and the blood of people is pure and good intentions. ”

She said that she attaches importance to mutual trust in relations, “I think it is a feeling to be earned. I will wait for my own efforts and importance to be won, ” she said.

“My future goals are always to develop, to be open to innovations, to be well-equipped and to achieve my goals,” says AfraSaracoglu. There is a long way in front, ” she said.

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