After Akın Akınözü's claim that he left the Hercai set, Ebru Şahin's sharing drew attention!
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29 November 2022 11:37


After Akın Akınözü’s claim that he left the Hercai set, Ebru Şahin’s sharing drew attention!

There were allegations that there was tension in the set of the TV series Hercai, which was broadcast on Sunday evenings on ATV. The audience is curious about some allegations that Akın Akınözü, one of the leading roles of the series, left the set! After Akınözü, who gave life to the character of Miran in the series, left the shooting and left, it was reflected in the backstage that the whole team was waiting for him.

Akın Akınözü, who starred with Ebru Şahin, who gave life to the character of Reyyan, had a serious leap in his career thanks to the series Hercai.

However, according to the allegations, it is said that the player came to the set many times late and a similar situation occurred on the first day of the week when the final episode was filmed, and a fight broke out on the set.

Interesting to the allegations from the set of the series, which is expected to bid farewell to the screen with the 69th episode, which will be broadcast on Sunday evening! It is said that Akın Akınözü got angry with the warning made as a result of his late arrival, dispersed his caravan on the set and left the shooting afterwards.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş shared these allegations during the filming of the series in Mardin on her twitter page. It is said that after the fight, the people on the set tried to calm Akın Akınözü, but the actor quit and waited for the shootings.

Immediately after these allegations emerged, a post by Ebru Şahin, the other actress of the series, drew a lot of attention.

It is reflected in the photo of the actress that she is very bored in her instagram post. Her words also attracted great attention. Şahin dropped the note “What a great way to start the week, wait for it” in English. She also states that she is at home with the text “Home”.

Here is the sharing of Ebru Şahin:

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