After Atiye, an ambitious project is coming that will attract Mehmet Günsür to ​​TV series again!
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29 September 2022 17:28


After Atiye, an ambitious project is coming that will attract Mehmet Günsür to ​​TV series again!

Mehmet Günsür, who continues his life in Italy and has appeared in various movies and TV series in this country, is also one of the names that received many offers from Turkey. Mehmet Günsür, who made a great impression on the television screen with the Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Magnificent Century) between 2011 and 2014, is still a name that is remembered by millions with the character of Şehzade Mustafa.

Prince Mustafa, who was ordered to be killed by Suleiman the Magnificent, is a much-discussed person in Turkish history, and Mehmet Günsür’s effective acting in the Muhteşem Yüzyıl TV series kept this historical personality in mind.

Mehmet Günsür later appeared in the TV series Fi, Kanaga and Atiye. We watched the famous actor in the character of Erhan in the series Atiye, which was broadcast on Netflix and also brought Beren Saat back to TV series.

It is known that many offers were made for Mehmet Günsür from Turkey. However, one of these offers stands out.

Since Ay Yapım is the producer of the new project, which is intended to include Aslı Enver in its staff, it has emerged as a project that is given importance in the TV series industry. Attempts are continuing to include Mehmet Günsür in the series, whose preparations continue to be broadcast on Disney Plus, called Arayış (The Quest).

Aslı Enver is one of the screen faces of Disney Plus and her fans are eagerly waiting for her new projects. The fact that Mehmet Günsür is also one of the interviewees for the Arayış series seems to make the project more talked about.

The story of a woman trying to save her friend from the cult she has fallen into is told in the TV series Arayış, which is being prepared by an influential director like Emin Alper. What kind of response Aslı Enver, who received an offer for the female character infiltrating this cult, is eagerly awaited.

News from Mehmet Günsür, who received an offer for the Disney Plus series, is also expected.

It will not surprise anyone that the TV series Arayış, signed by Ay Yapım, will be talked about more in the upcoming period.

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