After Disney Plus, now HBO is coming! Turkey has become a cheap serial production center!
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27 November 2022 07:46


After Disney Plus, now HBO is coming! Turkey has become a cheap serial production center!

We know that after Netflix, Disney Plus will start broadcasting in 42 more countries like Turkey on 14 June. It also acquired the digital broadcasting rights of Ufuk Bayraktar’s Dayı (Uncle) movie on Amazon Prime Video. It was also revealed that HBO is also in talks with the producers and will attack one after another on domestic series.

HBO will enter the market towards the end of 2022, and producers and players will also encounter projects from this platform. The first episode of HBO also appeared. Platform officials who made an agreement with OJO Pictures bought a TV series called Kör Noktası (Blind Spot)… The director of the new series, written by master screenwriter Elif Usman, will be Ahmet Katiksız.

The fact that HBO will also contribute to the production of TV series and movies in Turkey is proof that international platforms see our country as a content production center.

Due to the economic situation in Turkey, all works can be solved by paying much lower wages compared to Western standards. Turning this situation into an opportunity, international platforms do not hide their intention to transform Turkey into a series of production centers.

Thanks to this, Turkish actors can appeal to large audiences abroad, and important contributions are made to the promotion of our country with new projects. Of course, actors and Turkish production teams also benefit greatly from this work, both financially and in terms of displaying their talents.

In an environment where producers are creating new projects one after another, Turkey becomes a rising star for international platforms as a country with strong stories and actors, and where costs are lower.

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