After Hande Erçel, the love claims for Kerem Bürsin stunned everyone! So what's the truth?
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5 February 2023 13:19


After Hande Erçel, the love claims for Kerem Bürsin stunned everyone! So what’s the truth?

A new love claim about the famous actor Kerem Bürsin has been on the agenda of the magazine recently. There are also news that the actor, who participated in the festival held in Malaga, Spain and attracted great attention, started to connect with many people from the art community.

Kerem Bürsin broke up with his lover Hande Ercel in the past months. The duo, who had a big break in Turkey with the TV series called “Sen Çal Kapımı” (Love is in the Air), also impressed a large fan base abroad. With the broadcast of the series in different countries, there is a great explosion of interest from abroad for the two famous names.

It is known that Kerem Bürsin, in particular, had some business meetings abroad, took steps for some collaborations, and met some famous names and started to create an environment with them. There are also reports that Kerem Bürsin, who met Antonio Banderas at the Malaga festival and kept in touch, met and was with Stephanie Cayo.

These reports, which are reflected in the fact that he met Stephanie Cayo while he was in love with Hande Erçel, are still in the nature of allegations. His fans think that the actor will not take an attitude of secrecy regarding his love life, and it is unlikely that there will be a situation such as cheating due to his personality.

While Kerem Bürsin is taking steps for new projects and new collaborations, there is also information that he wishes to take part in a digital TV series project.

There is also some information that Kerem Bürsin is completely focused on work and does not have a relationship with Stephanie Cayo.

The international steps taken by the player in the last period may bring new developments and collaborations. These developments, which increase the popularity of Kerem Bürsin, are expected to become clear soon.

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