After Hekimoğlu, Damla Colbay is coming to ATV with a series like a bomb!
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2 December 2022 19:57


After Hekimoğlu, Damla Colbay is coming to ATV with a series like a bomb!

The fans of Damla Colbay, whose successful performance we watched last season in the Kanal D TV series Hekimoğlu, are experiencing great excitement. The reason for this excitement is the new ATV series…

You will watch Damla Colbay as the female lead in the TV series Yalnız Kurt, which has the signature of Osman Sınav and draws attention with its story. The young actress is one of the new names in the TV series world with her talents and beauty.

Damla Colbay, who was born in 1993 in Izmir, stepped into the sector in 2014 with the character of Demet in the TV series Kara Para Aşk. The actress, who is also loved as Action in the TV series İçerde, made her name in the lead role with the Hekimoğlu TV series.

Damla Colbay became a partner with Hasan Denizyaran in the new ATV series called Yalnız Kurt… Excitement increases as the trailers of the new series signed by Osman Sınav are released. Damla Colbay also appeared in the 3rd trailer and her fans were very pleased with this situation.

Those who love Damla Colbay on social media make comments stating that they are very curious about her new role.

Yalnız Kurt series will soon be broadcast on the ATV screen and Damla Colbay will open a new page in her career.

It is not yet clear how the young actress will be positioned in the mysterious story of the new intelligence-oriented TV series, the events in the background of the state. Fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the first episode. Estimates are that Yalnız Kurt series will begin broadcasting in January.

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