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9 August 2022 14:16


After Keremcem, Şevval Sam’s series decision gives a strong message!

The famous actor Keremcem has not been seen on the sets since the ATV series named Kilse Bilmez (Nobody Knows) in 2022, in which he took the lead. The actor, who did not want to work during the pandemic process, gave himself to music again.

The famous actor, who has been preparing a new album and concentrating on it for 1.5 years, wants to meet his fans in the music environment again. Of course, the actor, who stated in his interviews that he can also take part in TV series, but that he is progressing in his music career for now, may not be so quick to return to TV series.

You can see Keremcem’s desire to progress from the point he left incomplete in music and his excitement for the new album in Şevval Sam.

The actress, who has played the character of Ender in the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series for five seasons, will not take part in the story in the sixth season. Allegations show this at the moment, and the Yasak Elma issue seems to be closed for Şevval Sam. Of course, the actress can also make a decision change.

However, Şevval Sam, who is currently appearing, is expected to continue her concerts for the summer months and to continue her passion for music… The actress seems to be able to go on the set if a series offers for the new season and the project she likes.

However, Şevval Sam, who announced that concerts will continue with a new repertoire in music, is in a new excitement just like Keremcem.

Fans know that Şevval Sam, who has been working on her new repertoire for a while, is very tired this season and needs a rest, both as an actress and a musician.

However, Şevval Sam will continue her planned concerts during the summer and will try to rest by taking vacations whenever she finds time. If there is no problem, Şevval Sam is expected to appear as a guest actress in the new digital series of Disney Plus named Ru.

It seems that the decision has not been made for the time being, whether serials or concert programs will be on the agenda again for the new season.

What will the Yasak Elma series, which will finish its fifth season on June 13, will be without the Ender character, everyone is eagerly waiting.

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