After Kiralık Aşk, the most curious question was asked from Elçin Sangu!
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29 March 2023 20:05


After Kiralık Aşk, the most curious question was asked from Elçin Sangu!

The duo of Barış Arduç and Elçin Sangu was admired by a wide audience thanks to the romantic comedy series called Kiralık Aşk. The great success of the series caused both the leading actors to experience a career jump.

After Kiralık Aşk, it was predicted that Elçin Sangu would climb the career ladder faster. But everyone was wrong. Sangu had great misfortunes with the projects she took part in.

The actress, who starred in the digital TV series Yaşamayanlar After Kiralık Aşk, faced a huge wave of criticism. The role was not liked at all and Elçin Sangu fans were not very satisfied with the series.

Afterwards, the actress, who played the character of Zeynep in the TV series Çarpışma, was not found well enough and the criticisms that the role remained in the background were expressed by her fans.

Then, Elçin Sangu, who started the series İyi Günde Kötü Günde last season, with great excitement, unfortunately, had another great misfortune with the 6-episode series.

The actress, who could not find the projects she wanted after Kiralık Aşk, was asked what she thought about it. Indeed, her fans were waiting for a sincere confession from Elçin Sangu. Finally she was asked.

Elçin Sangu gave the following answer to this question: “You know the industry too. Very good scenarios do not coincide. If the script is good when it comes, it will happen. The television world is also as much as it can be within some criteria. It doesn’t happen when it doesn’t. But we are very used to it. It happens, as soon as it works, it’s not a problem.”

In the new season, the actress, who takes the lead role in the TV series Yalancılar ve Mumları, announced that the name of the character she will portray is Ceyda. It was previously stated that her character’s name was Leyla, but this turned out to be wrong.

Elçin Sangu said that she is very happy to work with Fatih Aksoy in Medyapım’s project and that the series will meet with the audience in September. The actress, who changed her hairstyle for her new series, also stated that she is trying to get used to her new look.

Fans of the series hope that the erroneous project period that the famous actress went through after Kiralık Aşk will come to an end and that the new series will create a leap forward in her career.

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