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6 July 2022 03:33


After Mucize Doktor, Hazal Türesan will surprise her fans twice in the Yalancı series!

Famous actress Hazal Türesan will appear before the audience in a very different role in the new season. The actress, who started the TV series “Yalancı”, both renewed her image and comes with a character that will surprise her fans…

Hazal Türesan, who attracted attention with her red hair for two seasons in Mucize Doktor and was appreciated with her character Beliz, returns to the screen again. The actress, who plays a character who works in a hospital environment, will surprise the audience this time as an anesthesiologist.

The actress, who will give life to a character named Yasemin Aytekin in the series Yalancı, which will be broadcast on Friday, September 17, comes with a completely different image. Yasemin, a character who has always lived an ideal life, will find herself again as a woman who gives up everything even herself for the life she has built with her hands. In the series, the character of Yasemin will come to the fore when she finds herself again.

Hazal Türesan, who dyed her hair blonde, will also surprise everyone with her new image. The story of the series is also quite impressive. Yasemin is the older sister of Deniz and a married woman with two children. Working at the same hospital as Mehmet Emir, Yasemin is known as a hardworking, responsible and helpful person.

The actress, who came with a surprise character, also underlined that a very gripping story awaits the audience. The actress said, “There is a lie and who is lying? A story in which we seek the truth and struggle to learn the truth awaits us.”

Hazal Türesan will also give an important acting performance at the point of the transformation of the character of Yasemin, who acts with very human emotions.

Stating that being deceived is shocking for everyone, the actress said, “To be made a fool and to hide the truth from us. In the whole of this story, everything flows so naturally and through life that it is necessary to follow it with patience. Who is telling the truth? Finding the answer to that was what attracted me the most in this story.”

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