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22 May 2022 01:04


After Savaşçı series, Murat Serezli returns to the screen in a very different format!

Fans know Murat Serezli closely… The famous actor has been written in the minds of the audience in many productions with his successful performances to date… Mostly, the actor who won hearts with the character of Colonel Halil İbrahim Kopuz in the TV series Savaşçı, gave effective performances in both TV series and movies.

Murat Serezli, who took the lead role in the TV series Savaşçı, which lasted for 5 seasons on Fox TV and made its final in May with its 109th episode, had been resting for a while. Fans who wonder how the actor will return to the screen will be happy to see him in TRT1’s new project.

Murat Serezli will present the new program, which will include applications made to the 112 Emergency Call center, the efforts of the operators to help people, and the reenactments of the events.

The famous actor will appear in front of the audience in a very interesting format, which looks like a TV series, but includes true stories and reflects the emotions and thoughts of the operators.

The program, which will start at 20:00 on Wednesday, December 22, has interesting features. Murat Serezli is coming to impress his fans once again with a very effective and new format.

Responses to emergency calls, emergency aid teams directed to the scene, help given by correct guidance by calming people who are sometimes speechless with fear on the phone will be included in the program.

In addition, you will witness how the psychological support and trust that call operators give to people in need of help only over the phone until the help teams arrive at the scene, and how a momentary decision sometimes saves lives.

Murat Serezli will meet with the audience on the TRT1 screen with this effective and new format.

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