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19 August 2022 16:14


After the Ada Masalı, a new decision from Alp Navruz! Fans will be a little upset!

Alp Navruz became a shining star after starring in the TV series Fahriye Hanım ve Kızları. Afterwards, the TV series “Elimi Bırakma” and “Zümrüdüanka” came one after the other, and a completely different process began in the actor’s career.

This successful career path introduced the audience to a completely different process this time! Alp Navruz fans had the chance to watch him in a romantic comedy story with Ada Masalı series, apart from the drama. The successful actor took the lead role with Ayça Ayşin Turan this time.

With Turan, they were very much ascribed to each other as screen partners. The series of the duo, which started in the summer season and was broadcast on Star TV, continued throughout the season and said goodbye to the channel in the 25th episode when its ratings dropped in the past weeks.

Although the series did not satisfy the channel with the ratings it received on the screen, it had strong support on social media. But unfortunately, he was not as lucky as Sen Çal Kapımı, and although it took the wind of social media behind it, it was discarded by the channel!

It is necessary to give the fans of the series their due at this point! They both gave great support on social media to prevent it from making the final, and they tried to keep the interest in the series high in each episode. Although his interaction was strong, unfortunately it had no effect on the final decision!

Nevertheless, this support was an important detail that did not go unnoticed by Alp Navruz, one of the leading roles in the series. Regarding this support on social media, Navruz said, “Of course we like to receive attention. Thank you to our viewers here. They have been very supportive throughout the series, and they still continue.” With these words, the actor drew attention to the efforts of the fans and gave them their rights.

In the meantime, there is great interest in the Ada Masalı series from abroad. It is known that the series has been sold to other countries as well. Alp Navruz’s new project after the Ada Masalı series is already a matter of curiosity.

He won’t be in the series for a while!

Fans of the actor can’t wait to see him in a new drama. However, the actor, who is in the series in a row, will not be on the screen for a while!

This news will upset his fans a little, but Alp Navruz stated that he will rest for a while after the series “Ada Masalı” shot in Izmir. The actor is in the decision to withdraw a little, even though there are offers and negotiations continue! Navruz said, “I prefer to rest right now. I went through an intense process and it was really difficult to work in the summer. Especially in Izmir. I think I deserve to rest now because I got through this process.”

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