Series News After the Alparslan series, Barış Arduç fans will be confused!

After the Alparslan series, Barış Arduç fans will be confused!


Barış Arduç, who has been in the lead role on TRT1 screens for two seasons with his historical TV series project named Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu, will be in a brand new story in the new period.

While Barış Arduç fans wondered why he left the Alparslan project, it is possible to understand from the great surprise that no one expected such a thing to happen. With Barış Arduç’s farewell, the Alparslan project will no longer be on the screen.

Barış Arduç, who will return to the screen with a brand new series in the new season, will surprise his fans with a completely different character.

Barış Arduç, which we will watch in the new season of the Kulüp (Club) series, which will be broadcast on Netflix on September 15, will be on the agenda with the new drama series Saplantı (Obsession).

Barış Arduç, who gained experience in various productions up to the Alparslan project after shining with the TV series called Kiralık Aşk (Rental for Love), became a popular actor again with this historical series.

Expectations from Barış Arduç’s TV series “Saplantı” are also very high. The actress, whom we will watch with the character of Babur in the TV series Saplantı, which will be broadcast on Star TV, returns to the screen with a character from today’s world after a historical project.

You will have the opportunity to discover a different side of Barış Arduç’s acting abilities, with the duality of the character Babur, who is married and has a daughter, between two women.

The audience is already waiting with curiosity what the character of Babur, who will remain between his wife and his old love from the past, will do.