Artists News After the Bride of İstanbul series, Özcan Deniz returned to his music career

After the Bride of İstanbul series, Özcan Deniz returned to his music career

admin / Analysis – Özcan Deniz is enchanting his fans with his new surprise … The Bride of Istanbul series, which was broadcast on the Star TV screen, appeared in a total of 87 episodes in 3 seasons. The series ended its journey that started on March 3, 2017 on May 31, 2019. Aslı Enver and Özcan Deniz shared the lead role and became the architects of success with their harmonious states.

More than 1 year has passed since the final of the Bride of Istanbul series. Özcan Deniz said farewell to the series, where he achieved great success and reached the best point of his career, with the photo below. After this farewell, Özcan Deniz worked for new projects for a while. He created the story of a series called King. The actor, who prepared the life story of his uncle as a series, agreed with ATV, but the story was changed and adapted to the present day.

Özcan Deniz postponed the work of the series called King due to the change in the script of the series, which also made agreements with some players, and the pandemic process also began. Wondering whether the series will be on the agenda again in the new season? However, Özcan Deniz did something else in this process.

Leaving aside his singing identity for many years, Özcan Deniz surprises his fans with his songs in a row.

In the last 6 months, the famous artist has enchanted his fans with songs titled Love, God is Great, I’m Again With Myself, Hidden in Details.

Özcan Deniz returned to its old days with a song that it also published on its youtube channel. He had set aside his singing career, but with his maturity period, he once again enchanted his fans. Özcan Deniz’s new songs can be heard on all digital platforms.