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6 July 2022 03:50


After the Çukur series, Damla Sönmez is very happy in her new project!

The famous actress Damla Sönmez took part in the latest Çukur series… The actress we watched with the character of Efsun, also impressed her fans in the Show TV series where she displayed her talents…

Damla Sönmez, who is a good TV series couple with Aras Bulut İynemli, started a new job after the phenomenon series that made its final with its 131st episode… Damla Sönmez, who joined the cast of the TV series Saygı, the first season of which was broadcast on Blu TV last year, went back to the camera after a short rest. .

Damla Sönmez quickly bonded with her friends on the set. The second season of the TV series Saygı, starring Nejat İşler, Erkan Can, Miray Daner and Boran Kuzum, is eagerly awaited.

Damla Sönmez, who joined the story in the second season, presented the pleasant moment on the set with Miray Daner to her followers. Sharing from Instastory, Damla Sönmez looks very happy in her new set and draws attention with her new image.

Damla Sönmez also attracted attention with her pose for All Magazine. In the post made for the actress who spoke to the July-August issue of the magazine, the phrases “Advancing by getting older, knowing the value of every experience, and being able to stay in the flow” were used.

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