After the Hercai series, Ebru Şahin became even more valuable with Destan!
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7 October 2022 08:05


After the Hercai series, Ebru Şahin became even more valuable with Destan!

Ebru Şahin was one of the biggest contributors to the great success of the Hercai series, which lasted for 3 seasons, and the admiration of millions of viewers was the biggest achievement in her career.

Ebru Şahin not only impressed a large audience with her role as Reyyan, but also made her name known all over the world. Afterwards, instead of resting, we saw an Ebru Şahin, who received training for a very special project like Destan (Epic), and gave her the rightful lead role in the 28-episode project.

With the combat training she received, the actress has now gained a great deal of experience in taking part in such productions. It seems as a very important development that the Destan series won the first place with the Mahkum (Prisoner) at the International 17: Seoul Awards.

Destan, whose 28th and final episode aired last week, proved what a successful business it is by getting the first place among 225 series from 39 countries around the world a few days later. This great success of the Destan series was also written in golden letters on Ebru Şahin’s career.

The young actress has given impressive performances in the last five years, and her hard work has been rewarded by winning the love of millions.

After the Destan series won an award, many viewers once again began to question why the project was finished. We do not know whether the saga would have received very good ratings if it had continued. However, it must be said that the final episode did not receive much attention.

As a result, the series of Destan completed its life as the pride of Turkey. However, Ebru Şahin, who once again proved her talents thanks to this series, continued her career path.

Ebru Şahin has started to receive new project offers and will continue to be on the screen with new series that will improve herself in the future.

Considering the point she has come from where she started in the last five years, we can say that she is one of the rare female actors who have experienced a career jump in Turkey in recent years.

Ebru Şahin’s fans are also eagerly waiting for new news from the actress. We expect the actress to be much more careful and meticulous when choosing a project while she has made such an important step after two major TV series. This may cause some trouble for the actress to find a suitable project for her.

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