After the Maraşlı final, Burak Deniz is in Italy, but its echo is shaking Turkey!
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27 November 2022 15:41


After the Maraşlı final, Burak Deniz is in Italy, but its echo is shaking Turkey!

The famous actor Burak Deniz took the lead role in the Maraşlı series, which was broadcast on the ATV screen and made the final last week with its 26th episode. Burak Deniz, who was a partner with Alina Boz, also enchanted the fans of the series with his impressive performance.

One of Burak Deniz’s projects was finished, but the actor immediately took his breath in Rome, the capital of Italy, for his new project. The actress, who went to Rome for the shooting of the TV series the previous week, met with the famous Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek. The actress, who will take part in 4 episodes of the 8-episode digital series called Ignorant Fairies, is still in Italy.

Burak Deniz again succeeded in being the first in the “Most popular male actors” research conducted on social media platforms. In the research conducted by Somera, covering the period between June 15 and July 15, actors were listed according to the number of messages shared.

Burak Deniz, who received 2 million 202 thousand 823 messages in the first place of the list, became the most popular male actor, while Kerem Bürsin took the second place with 1 million 503 thousand 589 messages.

Alp Navruz, Deniz Can Aktaş and İlhan Şen completed the top 5, but they were far away from the first two names. Burak Deniz and Kerem Bürsin took the first two places, outperforming their other rivals.

Burak Deniz, who creates a great interaction on social media with his posts from Italy, both publishes his poses with his new TV series friends and shares pictures from his visits whenever he has the opportunity.

Burak Deniz’s renewal of his image after the Maraşlı TV series does not go unnoticed.

The famous actor continues to work with the excitement of taking an important step in his career in Italy.

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