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21 May 2022 12:43


After the separation in the Kalp Yarası series, all the balances have changed!

The development that caused the balance to change in ATV’s popular TV series Kalp Yarası was the death of Adnan’s character…

The character played by a master name like Mahir Günşıray made a great contribution to the series. Even though many viewers didn’t like Adnan’s character, his place in the story was very influential. With the death of Adnan’s character, there was an expectation that the balance in the series would change.

Another development that will change the balance in the Kalp Yarası series will be the character of Pınar, played by Nilsu Berfin Aktaş. Aktaş did not participate in the shootings on the set in Antakya because she caught the coronavirus. But in the near future you will often hear about the actress in her mysterious role.

Another remarkable development in the name of the series was that another experienced actress like İrem Altuğ will join the team in the role of Pınar’s mother.

Due to Gökhan Alkan’s catching coronavirus, the break in the series increased to 2 weeks. Since the audience has been waiting for the new episode for a long time, a great impatience is also observed.

The 27th new episode of the Kalp Yarası series will take its place on the screen on Monday, January 17th. The trailers released from the new episode increased the excitement. So what else? Here are some details about what will happen in the series:

Yaman and Hande’s surprise to the Sancakzade family, who was mourned by Adnan’s death, causes all the balances in the mansion to change.

While Ferit, shaken by the sudden death of his father, tries to come to his senses, an unexpected detail leads him to other questions.

Ayşe, on the other hand, finally learns the purpose of Şahin and Mirza and is very disappointed.

How will Hande and Yaman surprise Ayşe and Ferit as they avenge the past painfully from the Sancakzades?

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