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24 May 2022 09:36


After the series Atiye, they convinced Beren Saat to return to the sets!

The fans of the famous actress Beren Saat are very happy right now. There are allegations that the actress accepted another project after the Atiye series broadcast on Netflix.

The actress, who was praised by her fans for her performance in Atiye, which lasted for 2 seasons on Netflix, but also criticized by critics, preferred to rest for a while.

The possibility of Beren Saat, who we could not see in another project after the Atiye project, to meet Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ again after 14 years, also increased the excitement. The characters of Bihter and Behlül in Aşk-ı Memnu brought these two actors together.

It has been revealed that Onur Güvenatam, the owner of OGM Pictures, is also in talks with Beren Saat and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ for a new Netflix movie project. The possibility of the duo meeting again in a project years later had a great impact on social media.

Fans are excitedly following these developments, both for the reunion of the duo and for Beren Saat’s return to the sets.

The shooting of the film, whose story is written by Nuran Evren Şit, is expected to take place in New York. Two famous names continue to be on the agenda in the social media, which has been shaken with this claim for days.

While the details of the project were very curious, even if there was no information that the agreement was signed, even the negotiations were enough to create excitement.

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