Artists News After the series of Masumiyet, Hülya Avşar comes with a very surprising project!

After the series of Masumiyet, Hülya Avşar comes with a very surprising project!

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Famous actress Hülya Avşar appeared in front of her fans with the series project named Masumiyet, which was broadcast on Fox TV. The actress was very upset that the 13-episode production made the finale because of the ratings. Hülya Avşar, who accepted to return to TV series after a long break because she has a very special story, took a rest in Ayvalık in the next period.

The famous actress said that her holidays in Ayvalık were like a sports camp for her. The actress said that she pays great attention to what he eats, sleeps and sports on vacation. Hülya Avşar, who is 57 years old, stated that she had 3 doses of vaccine in total. The actress, who has two Chinese and one German vaccines, stated that he is pleased that people pay close attention to the rules.

Hülya Avşar, who said, “It is certain that the vaccine brings comfort to people,” also stated that she has not been infected with the coronavirus until today. Speaking about Acun Ilıcalı, the actress said, “It’s so intense now, thank you for breathing. It’s very busy, it goes there, it goes there,” she said.

Hülya Avşar, who was a member of the jury in the O Ses Türkiye competition for a while, evaluated the juries for the new season and said that she never thought of taking part in the program.

Hülya Asvar told that she has another plan for the new season. “There is a musical, we are starting the musical this year,” the actress said. She added that she wants a change in her career and is tired of doing the things she has done before.