After two unlucky series, Ceren Moray's new route has been revealed!
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30 September 2022 23:20


After two unlucky series, Ceren Moray’s new route has been revealed!

Ceren Moray, who stated that she caught the coronavirus, recently went to France and took a vacation here for a while. Stating that everything is fine, the actress states that she is reading a script and wants to return to the sets if there is a good project.

Born in Diyarbakır in 1985, the actress has been on the sets since 2003. The actress, who gained great popularity with the character of Su in the Kavak Yelleri series, took leading roles in important projects.

Ceren Moray, who was remembered with the character of Efsun in the series O Hayat Benim, was also very popular with the character of Azra in the series Avlu (Courtyard). The actress, who was unfortunate for the short duration of two television series named Öğretmen (Teacher) and Yalancılar ve Mumları (Liars and Candles), also took part in digital projects.

The actress, who is also in the cast of Olağan Şüpheliler (The Usual Suspects), and who is in the cast of Ölüm Kime Yakışır (Death Suits Whom), prefers to rest for a while. Ceren Moray, who stated that she is now back in Istanbul, also complained about not being able to learn French.

Stating that she has a new project and that she is meeting for it, the actress may surprise her fans with good news soon. Ceren Moray, who has decided to make initiatives not only in Turkey but also abroad, has drawn a new route for herself.

Taking steps for projects coming from abroad as well as domestic projects, the actress said that she aims to progress in the international arena.

Ceren Moray, who stated that she started connections to take part in a project in France, seems to be on the agenda soon with new projects. Thus, the actress drew a new course for herself in her professional career. Talking about the difficulty of learning French, the actress stated that her attempts on this subject did not yield very good results.

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