Akın Akınözü gave the great good news about the series Hercai
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4 December 2022 04:01


Akın Akınözü gave the great good news about the series Hercai

The Hercai series, which was published on ATV and attracted attention for two seasons, was among the productions that stopped shooting in the quarantine during the Pandemic period due to Covid 19. The production of the series stopped after March and the audience has been waiting for the new season for a long time.

Actors who took a vacation during this period came together in Mardin Midyat where the series was shot a while ago. Shooting for the 3rd season has also started. While the followers of the series, played by Akın Akınözü and Ebru Şahin, were eagerly awaiting the new season, a good good news came.

With the start of the September season, the TV series start one by one. Starting from this week, they are slowly returning with their new seasons. The broadcast date of the Hercai series is also a matter of curiosity. Viewers are wondering when the longing series will start.

By the way, the first promotion from the new season of the series was released. Akın Akınözü was the person who gave the good news that the first promotion will be published as of September 4.

The actor shared the following photo on his Instagram page and invited his fans and followers to watch the introduction at ATV tonight.

Here is that sharing …

“Tales sometimes come true … Our new season promotion is at ATV tonight”

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